Case Studies

At Designhawk, we are constantly striving to deliver the absolute best experience a client can have. We treat your project as if our company depended on it, because it very much does. Here are a couple of our clients successes that have earned us the reputation as a company who can just get it done.


Orion Industries - Robotic Spraying

We worked with Orion Industries to grow their robotic spraying production lines. Using a Denso 6-axis robot, we were able to apply coating to parts with a micron-level tolerance in thickness.

Trella Technologies - Automated Plant Trainer

We worked with Trella Technologies to design their automated plant trainer. This product works but starting a plant at one end of the booth and intelligently guiding it to the other end, essentially growing the plant sideways to grow a large plant in a small space.


Orion Industries - Automated Parts Washer

Case study coming soon!