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We use smart technology to help you reach your goals. Whether it is automating a process at your facility or incorporating technology into a Startup’s product, we are the engineers who can help you solve your toughest problems.


Companies we’ve worked with

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Work In Progress - Epson Intelliflex

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A customer came to use looking to automate a pick-and-place operation of an oddly shaped part. Lucky for us, Epson just released their Intelliflex system which combines a SCARA robot, a vision system, and a parts hopper/feeder all in one system controlled by one software. It’s turning out to be the perfect system for this customer.

This job is currently underway so stay tuned!



Customer Success - Orion Industries

Orion Industries is an industrial coating applicator located in Chicago Illinois. We have made many upgrades, modifications, and programming changes to Orion’s five robotic spraying systems.

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Robotic Spray Booth

Click here to see how we implemented a robotic spraying system for Orion Industries


Customer Success - Trella Technologies

Trella Technologies is bringing automation to growers with an Automated Horizontal Plant-Training System to maximize plant space & output. Trella came to us looking to get their product ready for market.


Trella Gro LST

Click here to see how we helped design an automated plant growing system for Trella Technologies


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What our Clients are saying

“Jeff is really a rare breed in that he's an engineer who isn’t just book smart. He's actually able to fill in at almost any level in the cycle of an engineering project from designing through machining the parts and welding them together. He’s sort of a Renaissance man.” - Bruce Nesbitt, Chairman and Founder of Orion Industries

“I got lucky finding Jeff. His technical skills were excellent but two things separated him from other engineers. First, he took ownership of my project, as if it was his venture. Second was his turnaround time to implement whatever we agreed upon as the next step in the product development.” - John Harada - CEO of Active Ideas

“One of Jeff's fortes is ingenuity. He sizes up the challenge very quickly and comes up with most simple solutions you would never think of. Great work ethics, great communication. Its been a great pleasure working with him.” - Roman Khayrulin - Real Estate Developer and Performer




We design with manufacturability in mind. Everything we work on is intended to minimize cost and reduce manufacturing time. We stay up to date with the latest engineering technologies to make sure the best production methods are applied to your product.


  • Robotic Integration

  • Internet of Things

  • Manufacturing Solutions

  • Product Design

  • Automation

  • Solidworks

  • Autodesk Inventor

  • Fusion 360

  • FEA Simulation

  • 3D Rendering



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