Before anything is built, it should be well designed in CAD software. We are proficient in both Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks. We specialize in Design for Manufacturing techniques.


3D Printing

The wide availability and quality of 3D printers means you can prototype your parts faster than ever. We have 3D printing capabilities in house so that we can deliver your prototypes ASAP.


CNC Machining

For parts that are detailed or complex, we have CNC machines to do the work. We can mill anything up to aluminum in house and work with CNC machine shops in Chicago for harder materials.


FEA Testing

For structural components, we run the CAD models through a stress test called Finite Element Analysis. This allows us to find the weak points of a structure and improve upon the design before we ever build the prototype.

Motorcycle 6.jpg

Metal Fabricating

Our shop has saws, welders, tubing benders and everything in between in order to fabricate your parts. We can even do small batch manufacturing and for the more complex jobs, we work with several other shops in Chicago to get your parts made.



We are experts at designing equipment with all sorts of automation components - pneumatics, valves, solenoids, linear actuators, servos, steppers, PLC programming, HMI’s, and anything to suit your automation needs.


Custom Programming

Sometimes you can’t find that perfect software solution on the market. Or, you want to digitize all of the paperwork you do and store it in a database that can be tracked, updated, and called upon whenever you need. We can develop a custom software package that suits your needs.


PCB Design

If your project requires a custom PCB, we can design it in our software. We work with suppliers to create your PCB or PCB-A to make sure you get the highest quality available.


3D Rendering

If you need a realistic picture to show what we’re working on, we can handle it. We can render our CAD models to produce lifelike images you can use for marketing materials or anything else you have in mind.