Trella Technologies: Automated Plant Trainer


Trella Technologies

Trella is an innovative startup creating automated plant training systems. Using their system, growers can dramatically increase the yield from their plants by essentially growing the plant sideways in a tightly controlled environment.

What it was like

Trella’s CEO and Founder Aja Atwood created several prototypes for the Trella system to prove out the concept and make sure it was something customers would buy. She spent a couple years researching and developing the Trella assembly with her co-founder before she decided it was ready to start getting it ready for market.

What happened

We were able to help Aja realize her vision. Through a couple months and several iterations of CAD development, we were able to come up with the concept you see above. We designed a fully automated growing system ready to show the public. We designed the majority of the booth, keeping in mind that it was meant to be mass produced and put into the hands of a grower in their house as well as a commercial application. This meant it had to be relatively lightweight and inexpensive. Yet it still had to be robust and as close to maintenance free as possible.

Then what happened

As of January, 2019, we are in the prototyping phase. The sheet metal is in-house, the McMaster orders have been placed and the alpha build is underway. Stay tuned to see how it progresses!