Our Work

Orion Industries - Automated Parts Washer

Orion Industries is an industrial coating applicator on the northwest side of Chicago. They had a problem ensuring that their parts remained clean before their robotic coating process.

We worked with them to design a machine that would clean each part to the high standard required while minimizing the time required by the operator and also making sure there was a high enough throughput. What resulted was an automated machine that cleaned the part perfectly - every time. Eventually, a second machine like this was built which has eliminated problems caused by lack of cleanliness.


3D Printer Extruder

This 3D Printer Extruder was designed to allow hobby 3D printers to print with the quality of a commercial grade printer. This is done by including many of the features found on high-end printers like automatic bed-leveling, part cooling fans, and a rigid construction.

This extruder has a solid aluminum body to keep weight down but includes a strong NEMA 17 to move filament. It includes the BLTouch atuo-bed leveling sensor to ensure that a level print is created every time.


Active Ideas - HOVR Stand

We worked with Active Ideas to redesign their flagship product: the HOVR.  The HOVR is a device that allows you to exercise while you sit.  Its patented foot-pad design allows the user to move their feet in all directions while sitting firmly in a chair, thus burning more calories and increasing focus.

Active Ideas came to us looking to make improvements on their current design.  We were able to reduce cost of materials and increase ease of assembly all while maintaining the same freeing movement that HOVR users enjoy. This is the model currently selling on Amazon right now!


Edmond’s Energy Solutions - Heliopack

The Heliopack is a solar generator used for bringing power with you to the beach, the outdoors, or even emergency situations.  It's lithium ion batteries are charged by solar panels that will in turn power a 400 amp inverter.  With 2 USB outlets, 2 110 volt outlets, and single 12 volt outlet, this allows you to power any device you bring with you all day long.  We worked with Edmond's Energy Solutions to develop this prototype so they could secure their initial investors, which they were able to achieve.


Bihlman LLC: 4"x2" Galvanized Steel Gate

Bihlman LLC is a real estate agency in Chicago that was looking to improve the facade of one of their properties.  They already had this nice fence built but needed a gate to finish the job.  We were called in to fabricate and install the gate.  It was constructed out of hefty 4"x2" galvanized steel tubing - some heavy stuff.  We MIG welded the entire assembly at our shop and installed it on site in Humboldt Park.


New Millennium Theatre Company: Old Hobbits Die Hard

This is the second set we built for New Millennium Theater Company.  The play was called Old Hobbits Die Hard - a mix between (can you guess?) The Hobbit and Die Hard.  Since we were dealing with a fairly small stage and a relatively large set, we had to design something that was adaptable. 

From one side of this set, you were looking at the inside of a the Green Dragon, the tavern from The Hobbit.  Then it could be wheeled to the other side of the stage where a hobbit hole would be facing the audience. 


New Energy Innovations: TPRES

This was a prototype we designed and built for New Energy Innovations.  NEI is an energy company looking to harness power from traffic.  TPRES stands for Traffic Powered Renewable Energy System.  The idea is that a TPRES would replace speed bumps so that when a car travels over one, its weight is used to compress a pair of cylinders which will fill a nearby tank with air.  The air could then be expelled later to generate power.  We designed a rugged prototype that New Energy Innovations was able to use to carry out their testing.