Active Ideas - HOVR Stand


Active Ideas

The HOVR is a unique product in that it allows you to exercise while sitting down. It has been proven to be better for you than standing desk and actually helps to improve your concentration. The HOVR was extremely successful on Indiegogo where Active Ideas raised over 500k of funding.

Our Role

We were brought in after HOVR’s initial product run. All of the backer’s orders were fulfilled and now Active Ideas was looking to improve the usability of the HOVR as well as manufacturing cost. We worked with the HOVR team to do exactly that.


  • CAD, Autodesk Inventor

  • FEA strength analysis

  • Design for manufacturing

  • Manual and CNC machining

  • 3D Printing


The Engineering

We were able to select the ideal material for the HOVR stand utilizing our CAD software and stress analysis technology. Below you can see the stress analysis tests we performed to make sure we were selecting a material that was both strong enough to stand up to regular use but was also light enough to make transportation easy.


At the end of the project we were able to achieve some amazing results. Check out how we helped Active Ideas make their product even more successful.